About Us

Glenn Withey and Charles Price at the Dunn Gardens

Glenn Withey (left) and Charles Price at the Dunn Gardens

We have been gardening together for over 30 years. While Glenn Withey attended the two-year ornamental horticulture program at Edmonds Community College, Charles Price was self-taught, using his art background effectively in learning how color, shape and form work in a dynamic, three-dimensional space.

Our depth of plant knowledge began by being “plant junkies,” as we feverishly gardened a half-acre site intensively for seven years, starting in the mid-1980s. This experience, while physically and at times mentally taxing, proved invaluable. The poverty we experienced early in our careers was due to the fact that we spent all of our money on this “proving ground” garden, and it was well worth it. Now, years later, we are still learning — albeit at a slower rate. Gardening is one of those careers where one can continue to improve with age, as it is impossible to learn everything that the world has to offer.

Our staff

Since we work day in, day out with our employees, we enjoy working with people who are talented and enjoy life. Areas of skill include (besides gardening) are metal work (Mark has a BFA, with an emphasis on sculpture) and stonework (dry, not mortar).  Honesty, a good work ethic, and trustworthiness are, to us, the most important traits an employee can bring, as the finer aspects of gardening can be taught.