Withey Price Landscape and Design, a garden design/build firm, is seeking to fill a full time Horticulturist position.

Beginner level workers are encouraged to apply!

  • Applicant must be willing to take and follow instruction, both written and verbal.
  • Applicant must enjoy working with plants and natural materials.
  • Applicant must enjoy working outdoors, and tolerate all local climatic conditions, including moderately cold and wet winter weather.
  • Applicant must be able to lift and carry up to 60lbs. repeatedly.
  • Applicant must be honest and reliable, have a good work ethic, be able to work well with others and carry out instructions on their own.
  • Applicant must appear neat, clean and well groomed at the beginning of each workday.
  • Applicant must be able to continue working safely and effectively while carrying on any conversation/banter with workmates.
  • Applicant must have and use e-mail since instructions/daily work schedules are frequently subject to change (client’s wishes, weather, construction site/other contractor scheduling issues). Being up to date (the previous evening) is important.
  • Reliable transportation is required as our job sites are widely situated throughout the Seattle area. Carpooling is encouraged, but must be worked out amongst the interested parties.
  • Some mandatory overtime will be required seasonally.

Regular duties to include the following:

  • Weeding
  • Plant grooming and seasonal plant care/training
  • Fertilizing
  • Plant health monitoring; making/following recommendations for the treatment of disease and pest control
  • Irrigation monitoring to ensure proper watering of containers and beds
  • Planting and aftercare of new materials
  • Cleaning of outdoor areas (sweeping, raking, scrubbing, etc. We use power blowers/vacuuming devices/lawn mowers, etc. only very selectively)
  • Carrying and spreading mulch and soil
  • Hauling debris for removal from properties

Knowledge of and experience in working with:

Stone, water features, metal fabrication, wood construction, concrete, irrigation systems and low voltage landscape lighting is desired and will be compensated for accordingly.

Applicant will be trained on the job to assist other crew members with the following (as applicable):

  • The installation of stone paving and landscape rock
  • The installation of irrigation systems
  • The construction of outdoor structures (fences, gates, decks, trellises)

Resume and references required.

90-day probationary period


Benefits available – paid health care and sick leave and matching 401K

Please email your resume to info@witheyprice.com.